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As Benjamin Franklin famously quoted "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". 

Preparation is key in being a successful cabin crew candidate. 

Prepare yourself the best way you can with the 'Cabin Crew Cheat Guide' today!

Knowledge is power. Give yourself the upper hand by knowing the entire cabin crew recruitment process before your interview! 

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What better way to prepare yourself for your cabin crew recruitment process than knowing the entire A-Z before you even start? The Cabin Crew Cheat Guide has over 10 years worth of experience and knowledge put into it, covering every aspect of the recruitment process for airlines, such as Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and many more! If you're really serious about becoming cabin crew and changing your entire lifestyle, then this book is for you. If you genuinely want nothing more than to travel the world and call the skies your office, this book is for you. This book is for those of you that are naturally wanderlust and want nothing more than to travel the globe, meeting amazing people in the process! 


Lets take a look at whats covered in The Cabin Crew Cheat Guide!



Section 1 - The World of Being Cabin Crew

In the first section of the book, we'll cover the reality of being a glamorous flight attendant! This will cover topics such as which companies are currently hiring for cabin crew and what individual companies requirements are for potential future employees. We'll also discuss in the detail the benefits of being cabin crew, as well as the cons to the role. This first section of the book will help you get an understanding of what is required of you before you apply, as well as answer a lot questions or concerns you may have about being a suitable candidate. 

Section 2 - Success Guide to Getting the Job

This is the most detailed section of the entire book. Here we will discover in detail every step that a successful candidate must do in order to make it as cabin crew. We'll learn everything from what to do before you make your application, how to guarantee success during your assessment day and how to successfully pass your final interview. All the steps in this section have been carefully thought out and used by other successful candidates to make their dreams a reality. By using this section carefully, you will give yourself the best possible chance of being a successful candidate and have the upper hand on all other applicants!

Section 3 - Preparing Yourself for Your New Life

The final section of the book will discuss everything you need to know about preparing yourself for your new life abroad. We'll cover how to prepare yourself mentally for the exciting new journey you have ahead of you, as it genuinely is an experience of a lifetime! We will also discuss the entire process of relocating for your new job, what to take with you and what you can expect during your first couple of months before you start flying full time! 

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