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The Cabin Crew Cheat Guide is the essential guide to preparing yourself for success for your cabin crew interview. This guide will teach you exactly what recruiters are looking for and what successful candidates do to get hired as cabin crew. Give yourself the best possible chance at success by learning all there is to know from a real insider today! 

Cabin Crew Cheat Guide

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I am delighted to offer to you today the Cabin Crew Cheat guide! Years of experience and knowledge are contained within the pages of this book. The Cabin Crew Cheat Guide will help you understand exactly what it is airline recruiters are looking for, and how you can apply the correct techniques, to pass your cabin crew interview FIRST time! 
















In this guide, you will learn:

  • The correct way to build your application e.g. CV/Resume, photos, how to fill out the application

  • The best way to prepare for your open/assessment day and how to stand out e.g. What to wear (men and women)

  • Techniques on how to be confident for your assessment day and mental techniques to prepare yourself for success

  • Correct way to introduce yourself to the recruiter and other candidates

  • How to interact and get involved in open discussions with the recruiter and other candidates

  • Group role play scenarios and examples, with responses and answers

  • Over 50 questions and answers for your final interview and how to answer them

  • English and Maths test for non-native English speakers


​And Much More!

Learn How to Pass First Time with the Best Airlines in the World

This guide was made with the intention of helping others, specifically those that dream to see the world and live for experiences. The world of being cabin crew is like no other, and the aim of this guide is to help as many people as possible experience what its like to call the skies their office. 

In order to make this possible, the Cabin Crew Cheat Guide is now being offered at a


  50% Discount! 





Join more than 1200 other successful candidates who now call the skies their office!

All with the help of the Cabin Crew Cheat Guide!  Read some of our successful candidates reviews here and how the Cabin Crew Cheat Guide helped them achieve there dreams.

The only question now is:

Are you ready to live the dream?