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Who is the Cabin Crew Consultant?

Hi there, my name is Ben a.k.a The Cabin Crew Consultant.


I have 10 years experience in the airline industry with 7 of those years being a member of cabin crew. 

You'll learn everything I know to prepare yourself the best way you can for your cabin crew recruitment process. 


I'm glad you asked!


My incredible journey in the airline industry started over 10 years ago in 2008 when I was just 19 (seems like a lifetime ago now!). I started working for a U.K. based airline as a member of cabin crew, working flights to other European destinations. I immediately fell in love with the job! I've never been the kind of person that could stand being stuck in an office all day, so for me it was perfect!  ​

I spent 2 years with my first airline before seeing an advertisement for a luxury airline in the middle east. I was intrigued. I had heard so much about being cabin crew in the middle east and knew that they only selected the BEST candidates for their airlines. I decided to apply for an open day with a friend. We showed up to the open day and were shocked at the amount of people there! There were easily 200+ people in attendance! I remember thinking to myself "How I am suppose to stand out with so many people here?" 

I was not disheartened however, and gave my CV/Resume in to the recruiter along with the biggest smile! I received an email the same night asking me to come back next week for an assessment day. I was so excited!


The next week I showed up (8am sharp!) and went through the exercises and activities the recruiter made us do in groups. The groups got smaller as people were cut from the assessment day. Finally it got to the end of the day and the tension was so high! I was so nervous as the recruiter revealed which group of people would come back for a final interview and who would be told to go home. With my fingers crossed she revealed I was part of the group that would be invited back for a final interview! I was filled with joy!

2 weeks later I attended my final interview, which lasted roughly 1 hour. It was intense but went a lot better than I expected. The recruiter told me if I was successful then I would receive what is known as the infamous Golden Call

Then roughly 2 months later sat in the dentists waiting room, I received a call from a number starting in +971. I was confused as I had no idea what country code it was and was skeptical to answer (thinking it was most likely a spam caller!). I answered the phone and said "Hello?" and continued to listen to a lady with a soft Arabic accent. She introduced herself and kept talking as I gradually realized with my jaw slowing dropping.................THIS WAS MY GOLDEN CALL! 

2 months later and I was on my way to the middle east and spent what would be the best 5 years of my life working as cabin crew for one of the best airlines in the world! I got to travel all over the world and live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities on earth! I moved up the ranks and managed to work in every class in the airline (economy, business and first class) before eventually making it to Purser. I learnt the ins and outs of the company and airline industry as everyday taught me something new. No two days were ever the same and I had different challenges to face on a daily basis.

After a glorious 5 years with the company I was offered a job back home in the U.K. as a recruiter for a well known airline. I couldn't turn the opportunity down as my girlfriend (now wife) was based in the U.K. so it worked out for everyone.

And now I'm here! Creating this website so other people may experience the joys and genuine pleasure I had working for a luxury airline in the middle east. I have so much knowledge that I cannot wait to share with you and help you on your road to success. There really is no other job like it and I cant wait to help you succeed just as I did!


Please have a look around on the site to see if being cabin crew for a luxury airline is a career that sounds right for you :). 


Whats your background Ben?

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